The 2020 Colorado Aviation System Plan (CASP) is a critical tool used to assist the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT’s) Division of Aeronautics as they execute their roles and responsibilities supporting the Colorado Aeronautical Board (CAB). It’s essential to keep the CASP up to date as it is used to support decision making. Prior to the completion of the 2020 CASP, the Division of Aeronautics had last completed the CASP in 2011. For the 2020 update, the Division of Aeronautics sought a fresh start for the CASP considering all of the changes that have occurred in the state and in aviation. Innovative approaches to coordination and outreach during the study, analysis techniques, and presentation of results were all important components of the new CASP.

Public Input

A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) established by the Division of Aeronautics guided the project team and the study’s development. The PAC served as a sounding board to the Aeronautics Division and the CAB and provided a means of public input from a range of stakeholders. Additional stakeholder input from representatives of a variety of airports, operators, businesses, pilots, and other system users was also obtained, alongside coordination with other CDOT modal representatives, regional planning organizations, and emergency service providers in the state.


The primary purpose of the 2020 CASP was to study the performance and interaction of the Colorado aviation system to understand the interrelationship of the member airports and to identify state airport system needs. The CASP is intended to guide decisions and educate those who oversee the system, including local, state, and federal policy makers, as well as the Colorado Aeronautical Board (CAB) and other CDOT divisions. Additionally, the CASP further assists airport managers, operators, owners, local and state businesses, aircraft owners, and the public by allowing for better planning and policies, leading to a high-performing aviation system.

Process Flowchart

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Final documents and deliverables for the CASP update are posted below. Comments on these can be provided through the “Public Comments/Submission” link below.

Colorado Aviation System Map