CEIS Summary

The primary purpose of the 2020 CASP is to study the performance and interaction of the Colorado aviation system to understand the interrelationship of the member airports and to identify state airport system needs. The CASP is intended to guide decisions and educate those who oversee the system, including local, state, and federal policy makers, including the Colorado Aeronautical Board (CAB) and other CDOT divisions. Additionally, the CASP further assists airport managers, operators, owners, local and state businesses, aircraft owners, and the public by allowing for a better planning and policy leading to a high performing aviation system.

CASP Process Flowchart

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Explore Aviation Issues and Identify System Needs

It is important to identify and explore aviation and non-aviation issues that have the potential to impact the aviation system. Once identified, the issues can be considered in the analysis of the system’s needs as well as subsequent elements including development of recommendations.


Final documents and deliverables for the CASP update will be posted below. Comments on these can be provided through the “Public Comments/Submission” link below.

Technical Report

Aviation System Plan

Executive Summary Brochure

Aviation System Plan

Individual Aiport Reports

Public Comments/Submission