Draft Materials Overview

During the CASP and CEIS, draft materials will be produced in the form of technical report chapters and technical memos. These draft materials will be maintained on this page until the documentation is finalized. Please note that technical report chapters are not necessarily developed chronologically.

CASP Draft Technical Report Chapters

Chapter 1: Study Design and Goals (PDF)

Chapter 2: Inventory of System Condition (PDF)

Chapter 3: Supplemental System Context (PDF)

Chapter 4: Aviation System Issues (PDF)

Chapter 5: Airport Role and Classification Analysis (PDF)

Chapter 6: Existing System Performance (to be provided)

Chapter 7: Forecasts of Aviation Demand (Draft - awaiting FAA approval)

Chapter 8: Future System Performance (to be provided)

Chapter 9: Alternatives Analysis (to be provided)

Chapter 10: Recommendations and Implementation Plan (to be provided)

Appendix A: Land Use Evaluation (to be provided)

Appendix B: Airport Report Cards (to be provided)

Appendix C: 2018 Airport Performance Data (to be provided)

CEIS Technical Memos

Tech Memo 1: Data Collection Process (PDF)

Tech Memo 2: Economic Impact Methodology (PDF)

Tech Memo 3: Tax Impacts (to be provided)

Tech Memo 4: Air Cargo (to be provided)

Tech Memo 5: Agricultural Impacts (PDF)

Tech Memo 6: Summary of Economic Impact Results (to be provided)

Full Technical Report (to be provided)